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Are you sick of paying over the top prices for your plasma cutting tips and electrodes ? Well I was so we decide to import our own . We were using quite a number of plasma cutting tips and electrodes in our workshop . I tried buying from overseas but found half the time you didn’t get what you had ordered  it took months or they didn’t show up at all. So anyway long story short  people started asking if they could buy from us so now we sell online at discount prices.

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If you cant find your plasma torch consumables  don’t hesitate to contact us we can try to locate them for you with our contacts in china. We specialize in generic plasma cutter tips and electrodes as there are a lot of chinese machines  here in new zealand. We find them great value for money and offer a plasma cutter that’s great for the home handyman and professional alike. So it stands to reason that we source the most common types of plasma torch consumables and spare parts available. We offer free delivery to all of new zealand on all our plasma torch consumable kits. and spare parts .

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can't find what you need just drop us a line we try and source it for you