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Hi guys i am pete and i own plasma cutter nz and I just love plasma cutters and welding gear.I have been interested in this stuff for as long as i can remember probably 35 years Wow how old am I  HA_HA.

See my old plasma cutter and mig welder above this is about my 5 th lot of gear as the first lot i seemed to burn  out i think it was more me rather than the machines because i gave them a hard time especially when i was learning how to weld and plasma cut.

The first plasma cutter I brought I burnt out in about 5 months I was using it about 5 hours per day the problem isn’t the machine it was ME I didn’t  know i had to clean the thing out every so often.My workshop wasn’t very well ventilated and I was also using an angle grinder quite often  all the little metal shards and metallic dust filled the air and got sucked into my plasma cutter.

So  the next time i turned my plasma on it went BANG  [crap  I thought ] maybe i just overused it as it was only a cheap chinese machine so i disconnect it and took it to the local shop to get it fixed . Before the guy even looked at it he says have you been cleaning it out every month or so ? I didn’t even know you had to clean them out .

He took the back off the thing and WOW i wouldn’t have believed it if i hadn’t seen it myself there was about 20 mm of metallic dust covering the main circuit board.When i turned it on it short circuited the hole thing did about $350 worth of damage So that was a lesson learned.

I just like the idea that you can take a bit of steel and cut and weld it together to create something totally different that can be actually useful surprising what you can accomplish if you try hard enough.

I learnt how to weld and plasma cut out of necessity i started a little business and needed a lot of steel cut and welding done.As I couldn’t afford to pay an engineer the only way I could move forward with my plans was to learn how to do it myself.

So i set off watching every youtube video I could find on the subject then I spent hours in my workshop learning how to cut steel with my plasma cutter and trying to weld with my mig welder it would take me about 4 times as long as it should to do the jobs but eventually I got better.But the cost of plasma cutter consumables was killing me. Got to be a cheaper way to buy your plasma tips & electrodes.

Why I started  plasma cutter nz our online shop . We ran a workshop in christchurch and cut a lot of  steel plate and were finding the cost of plasma cutter tips and electrodes very expensive.

We were buying plasma cutting tips from the local welding stores in small quantities at exorbitant prices . We would use them well beyond there usable state just to try and save money but all that seem to do was to make our cuts horrible and burn out the plasma cutter torch head assembly .

So i did a bit of research and imported some plasma cutting tips from sellers overseas  but  we found that the delivery times are terrible sometimes up to 8 weeks and then half the time received the wrong consumables  or they just didn’t show up at all.

Plasma Cutter nz our story

So i thought there must be a lot of other people looking for good value plasma cutting tips & electrodes that are not shipped from overseas .

So we started plasma cutter nz. But first we started on trademe bargainstore 1 check us out there we still sell consumables on trademe but we need more scope to expand our online presents.

After much frustration with our orders from overseas not showing up or getting a different product  than you ordered and many a time i have tangled with nz customs for holding up our shipment for no apparent reason. I thought to myself bugger this theses got to be a better way.

We ended up getting in contact with a major chinese supplier of  plasma cutter consumables ,torches,guides,spare parts of generic plasma cutters the most popular models sold here in new zealand. We buy in bulk so you save money and get a guarantee of  free delivery .

If you looking for a particular item and its not listed on our site just drop me a line and i will see if i can find it for you from our china supplier.


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