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Angle Grinder for Hire

Angle Grinder for Hire vs Buying Your Angle Grinder

Tool rentals are now part of today’s trend for industrial and domestic use. Considering that most of the best quality tools are not very affordable we are now offered a good option to choose the tools we want without the need to buy them. 

But is renting tools more practical than buying your own? Take for example the angle grinders. Small grinders can be affordable. However, the large ones can be worth a lot.    

This is why if you need a large angle grinder for your welding shop or construction work but don’t have the money to buy one, it would make sense if you can hook up with a company that offers angle grinder for hire.  

There are also several reasons why depending on angle grinder rental becomes a significant choice:

angle grinder hire

Renting a large angle grinder


Renting a large angle grinder enables you to choose the best brand, the most sophisticated and the right angle grinder size for your work. This will save you a good amount of money compared to purchasing a good quality but expensive unit. 

For the occasional DIY or the professional welders who only work on on-call projects, an angle grinder for rent could provide an advantage. Rent it, use it and return it and you got your income from work intact as there was no purchase for a new angle grinder.

It can help you avoid buying units that can fail your expectations. By opting for an angle grinder for hire, you can choose the angle grinder size and the brand you want to test before buying yours. This will save you a lot of money when choosing the right tool to buy.  

You may get advice from the rental personnel on how to use the tools properly while the tools you need could be delivered by arrangement. You can check the web and find companies that offer rent tools near your location. 

angle grinder rental

With angle grinder rental you only need to properly use the tool, avoid damaging it and clean it before returning. No need for a regular maintenance system like when you own one.   

If you will be running a shop and don’t have a large capital to purchase your heavy-duty angle grinders, an angle grinder for hire is the best option to start with.  

For beginners who want to get used to using the heavy-duty tools, renting a quality angle grinder could provide them the hands-on if they want to work in industrial settings.  

Renting angle grinders lowers the demand for manufacturers to create more grinders and make them use more plastic materials and metals. So the benefit goes into the environment by lessening the possibility of throwing out in the future non-biodegradable wastes.  

Renting a tool could always give you an advantage mainly because you don’t need an investment in purchasing your own equipment. However, there are also some disadvantages that you must be aware of with renting. 

Here is what you need to know or think about before renting.


Is Renting An Angle Grinder Always Practical?

Renting an angle grinder as mentioned can bring a lot of good things. However, there are some letdowns that we cannot ignore. 

For example, an angle grinder rental could also be expensive depending on the company’s pricing standards. The company will initially require you to pay your deposit for the units, pay the rental fee and make you sign papers that may include expenses in case you break the tools. This is part of every company’s policies to protect their goods from careless renters.  

If you ever return the tool with a chipped plastic part or the grinder malfunctions or the tool looks roughened up. These things could also be billed to your account as damages. So renting takes a lot of care and responsibility.

Also, whether you use the tool or not, you have already paid the company the rental payment. So if you have finished your project early and no need to use it, this is a waste of money on your part. 

And if you rushed taking the rent because you are in a hurry to finish your job and finally realized you have spent more money in repeatedly opting for angle grinder for hire, there is no coming back. 

So let me ask you this,would you be willing to spend $250 for a 9-inch angle grinder for 2 week’s rental when you can buy a brand new unit with the same capacity for a bit more of the rental price?  

Yes, it may be practical to rent if you don’t have the cash to buy for a good quality unit but if you have a regular job and can do the investment, then better earn some money to buy yours. 

Tips Before Renting Angle Grinder to Save Money


There are a number of things you should also consider before aiming for the angle grinder rental. However,  we only need to mention the most important factors to base your decision.  

So think about these: 

How long would you need the angle grinder?

How much will it cost you for the rental?

How much would the grinder cost you if you buy it? 

Is the tool worth the investment?  

So here is the thing – 



When renting small grinder

angle grinder size
angle grinder

If you are going to use the tool, for instance, a  4.5-inch angle grinder for a small project and you are to rent it for $20 a day for 4 days while you are still obliged to pay for the $20 deposit, by the time you are done using it, you already spent money that can able you to buy a good quality imported 4.5-inch angle grinder that can only cost $40 or less?    

So the point here is, if you have to use a small angle grinder continually why opt for the rent when you can buy it at an affordable price? Yes with renting you get the choice of choosing the most powerful and largest units known in the market. But when it comes to the smaller ones that you can purchase for a day’s worth of work, then I suggest that you go and buy yours instead and it will surely be worth it. 

How would you know you’ll get the best one with such a cheap price? You just need to buy the one that has the best reviews. 

Likewise, if you are working for seasonal projects which requires you to use large heavy-duty angle grinders occasionally, a large angle grinder for hire would be a practical option while you also have the option to invest for it. 


Finding an angle grinder for rent is very easy today with the help of the technology. You can enter your location and the name of the companies that offer tool rentals will pop up. More so, I do have some last words for you if ever you decide to hook up with a tool rental company. 

Before renting, check the reputation of the company first. Read forums and ask questions. You can also call the company and do the queries and make it clear that there are no hidden charges and that your personal information should be kept confidential. 

And lastly, before you accept the tool, inspect it first in the presence of the personnel and keep your copy of the rental agreement. Remember to always protect yourself particularly your credit account so make arrangements only with a legitimate company that has a lot of experience in providing the best angle grinder for hire services.