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Best Budget Plasma Cutter Most Affordable Plasma Cutter Save Money Now

Best Budget Plasma Cutter

How and Where to Find the Best and Most Affordable Plasma Cutter

We know that the cost of metal repair and construction could be costly with contractors. But today when everybody wants to build their own to save money, one of the things we may want to have at home is a welding machine like a MIG welder.

 However, with a MIG welder, you must also have an affordable plasma cutter to cut and shape metals .  

But why am I suggesting a cheap plasma cutter instead of the branded units that may assure you a long-lasting use? The answer is simple. It’s because many of the available cheap plasma cutters today can match the costly popular brands not only in performance but with durability and efficiency. 

By making the right choice you could have the best budget plasma cutter that can guarantee you years of productive use. 

Apparently, most of the cheap plasma cutters that you can find in today’s market are the imported ones. The good news is manufacturers abroad have been able to incorporate the newest plasma cutter technologies on their products.

Take for example the inverter technology and the MOSFET (metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistors). MOSFET is a type of transistor that enables the machine to handle the high-frequency voltage.  

Here are the benefits of MOSFET and Inverter technologies –

best budget plasma cutter

Advantage of Using Pilot Arc Plasma Cutters with Inverters

Any tool or equipment equipped with an inverter system allows you to save on the use of energy or electricity. The function of an inverter is to convert direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) so that the input and output voltage, as well as the frequency of the energy source, would be in stable flow when used by the equipment.   

Unlike the old plasma cutters without the inverters that can overheat and breakdown easily, you can now find a cheap plasma cutter for sale with an inverter system and able to plug it into 110 to 220 volts power sources. 

If you want to find a reliable but cheap inverter plasma cutter, I suggest you check on the pilot arc plasma cutters first


Why the Pilot Arc Plasma Cutters?

The pilot arc plasma cutters, unlike the drag tip type plasma cutters, can cut through any metal even with the paints, dirt and rust while minimizing the outcome of slag. You can also save on buying lots of plasma cutter consumables with the pilot arcs as the space between the metal and the cutting tip of the torch protect the consumables from burning up.   

Today we are going to introduce to you 3 of the pilot arc plasma cutters with 50 amps capacities which we have found using inverter technology. These are all powerful and popular among the welding enthusiasts and one of these could be your best plasma cutter for the money.


3 Best Pilot Arc Plasma Cutters Using Inverter Technology

Plasma Cutter Rental
best plasma cutter for the money

This is a high-frequency dual pilot arc inverter plasma cutter that is dual voltage (110/220V) and can cut into almost any type of metal like aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel and copper. 

It is also loaded with a MOSFET. MOSFET transistor loaded plasma cutters can cut even thick metal that requires high power output. So depending on the thickness of the metal, this allows the machine to automatically switch its voltage requirement from 110V to 220V. 

Very compact while using only compressed air, it has a maximum capacity of up to 50 amps on 220V so even severing steel of 3/4-inch thick and cutting ½-inch would not be a problem. It won’t easily overheat as well because it is integrated with an advanced German cooling system for maximum performance. 

If you have a home machine shop, doing a lot of metal cutting jobs at home or have an auto-shop repair business, having this best budget plasma cutter at under $400 would make a good investment.

plasma cutter drag tip

Pros: Dual voltage (110/220V 50/60Hz)

Cut almost all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Dual voltage, Inverter technology, HF pilot arc with MOSFET transistor

Large front digital current meter, PSI meter and air pressure gauge

Comes with a ground clamp with cable, a plasma torch, air regulator, torch consumables, and an air hose

Cons : No clear instructions on the manual for the set-up

Ceramic cone that comes with the plasma torch is not of best quality

Amico CUT-50HF 50Amp Non-touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter, Pro. 95~260V Wide Voltage

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best budget plasma cutter
If you are after the best budget plasma cutter that can operate at varying currents like 95 to 260 volts (50/60Hz) but can put up 50 amp of cutting power, this new machine with inverter technology is the one you should not miss checking.  
First, it is a pilot arc so you can cut the metal without the need to clean it.
Second, it can cut up metal up to 3/5-inch thick – stainless steel, low carbon steel, alloy steel, iron, cast iron, pig iron, copper, aluminum, and aluminum alloy.  
Third, you can cut angles, curves, straight cuts, holes or v-groves easily as long as the metal is conductive. And lastly, it comes with everything you need. It has a 13-inch torch cable, 10 feet ground cable, NPT ¼-inch D coupler and an internal air filter with an automatic air control valve. 
Added to these, it is also very safe with protective systems like over and under-voltage, voltage fluctuations, over-current, and overload issues. With automatic temperature control, you can use this for a longer period without a lapse.  
This convenient under $400 plasma cutter can adapt for construction work but best for home workshops especially if you have a MIG or a TIG welder for your metal building projects.
plasma cutter air filters


Inverter technology and large LCD for amps 

Internal voltage regulator for smooth operation from 95 to 260 volts

Include 13-feet torch gun assembly, 10 feet 300 amps work clamp assembly, 23 to 115V power adapter, pressure gauge and air filter

High-frequency start


Instruction manual content is almost incomprehensible

Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter - Tosense CUT50P 50A Dual Voltage 110V/220V Non-Touch Digital Air Inverter Portable Welding

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Plasma Cutter Rental

Pilot Arc Plasma  high-frequency circuit, this unit has it. As a pilot arc plasma cutter that is CNC compatible, it is designed to work on single-phase dual voltage (110V/240) up to a maximum current capacity of 50 amps. 

According to reviews as well as with the manufacturer, the maximum cutting thickness this machine can do is 1/2-inch while the severance cut is ¾-inch and every cut is smooth and clean. 

This is also installed with a MOSFET transistor for smooth and continuous cutting of thin metal sheets to thick metal bars without compromising cutting efficiency. Using only compressed air, it can cut soft aluminum to the hardest stainless steel without slag. 

As the best choice for industrial, construction or for home DIY projects, you will need this under $350 plasma cutter for its versatility and reliability. It can even match the branded American-made units that can cost around $1,000 or more when it comes to performance. 

Some users also have some tips to maximize the use of this affordable plasma cutter. That if you use it to cut thinner metals, you can plug it on 110 volts. But when it comes to dealing thicker metals up to ½ inch, it will need the 220 V. 

For those who are looking for an affordable plasma cutter that can be used on the

Pros: Dual voltage (110/220V 50/60Hz)

Equipped with inverter and MOSFET transistor technology

Comes with an air regulator, gas hose, ground clamp (1.5m), plasma cutting WSD-60P Torch (2.5m), 3 cutting tips, 3 electrodes, 3 cups, and 1 spacer guide

Cons:  Manual seems to be an updated version of the old with new features added

 Cheap air hose regulator



Buying an affordable plasma cutter doesn’t mean that you are putting your money at risk as some people judge that the cheaper the plasma cutters, the more it is destined to fail. 

But this is not always true with the best budget plasma cutters.  

You only need to understand the specs of the machine if these will suit your needs and of course, don’t forget to read the reviews. The more good features that the plasma cutter is equipped with and the more good reviews it has gathered, the better it deserves your investment.  

Yet, with the three products we have shown you here, you may get the satisfaction you seek and I should say any of these could be your best plasma cutter for the money.