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Best Plasma Cutter Under 500 Is it Worth It?

Best Plasma Cutter Under 500

The best plasma cutter could let you do a lot of things in your workshop. If you have a MIG welder or a TIG welder in your garage or home workshop, your plasma cutter can let you do a lot of magic.

And did you know that plasma cutters are now some of the most usable tools among automotive repair and restoration shops? You can also rarely see fabrication shops without a plasma cutter while this is a necessity for industrial construction and even needed for salvage and scrapping operations.

cheap plasma cutter

If you want to save on materials, you can even use junked metal pieces to source out the metals you need using a plasma cutter for new projects.

The good news is you can now buy a budget plasma cutter that will not hurt your wallet. That’s why we came up with the idea of finding the best plasma cutter under 500 dollars for you.

best plasma cutter under 500

Cheap Plasma Cutters Value for Your Money

Plasma cutters are now becoming affordable and yet manufacturers don’t stop at improving their features. They are also getting more portable and having more mobile plasma cutter under 500

If you have a plasma cutter with built-in compressor, you can take it anywhere and can do your metal cutting anytime. All it needs is a long extension cord and you can plug it in a home electrical outlet or use a power generator. If you need more plasma cutter consumables you can also order them easily online.

On the other hand, a good cheap plasma cutter should always meet your needs with your cutting. It’s true that the branded units are more flexible and most of the time more durable. But if all you need is a basic plasma cutter for home use like a 50 Amps unit, why not opt for the best plasma cutter under 500 without hurting your budget.welding sleeves

People are asking us if the budget plasma cutters can perform much like the expensive ones.

And our answer is an honest to goodness yes. A 50 Amps unit can cut various types of metal – carbon steel, stainless steel, steel, mild steel, aluminum, copper, alloy steel and many more. best cheap plasma cutterAs long as the metal is conductive, with the right voltage and amperage, the torch will produce a good electric arc.

The heat intensity within the arc can reach up to 20,000 degrees Centigrade which is even hotter than the plasma produced by the sun. So any metal that gets burned by this arc will literally melt.

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Moreover, the more expensive plasma cutters are usually branded ones like the made in USA brands. Most of them are  higher amperage In short, they are good for multi-purpose plasma cutter under 500

Those that are beyond 60 Amps are mostly for industrial use but most of them need higher voltage which our homes (110/220V) does not  provide. So why settle for the expensive ones if all you need is a good cheap plasma cutter for your DIY projects or your home restoration and repair?

How do you choose the best plasma cutter under 500?

Here are four of the best value plasma cutters we know that you’ll never regret buying. They have the best features that every welder plasma cutter under 500

Perfect for DIY hobbyists or for anyone who needs a steel cutter for his work these are already and comprehensively used by welders working on personal projects. They can also be the ideal equipment for industrial use, especially for small cutting jobs.

Reviews of the Best Value Plasma Cutters Under 500

3 In 1 Multi-functional Plasma Cutter Cutting TIG STICK/MMA Dual Voltage 110/220V

This 3-in-1 budget plasma cutter is more than $400 but you will be astounded by its features. Not only it is a 50A pilot arc plasma cutter but it can also be a 200A TIG welder and 200A stick/MMA welder.

With only a flip of a switch, you can change the cutter into welding mode. If you are a multitasker who wants to accomplish jobs like from cutting to welding, this is the machine that is right for you.
Pilot arc torch also means you don’t have to touch the tip of the torch to the base metal to create a spark. As soon as you flip the switch of the torch, there’s the arc. This means that even the metal you want to cut is rusty, rough or painted on the surface, the arc will go through and you can still produce a smooth edge cut.

The cutting capacity of this machine is ½ inch up to ¾ inch for softer metal. Perfect for cutting metal plates that are more than 8mm (0.314-inch) you can save on consumables with this unit.

Welding Curtains
So what does this machine  specifically do? It can cut and weld alloy steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, and all nonferrous metals that are conductive to electricity.

So if you are requiring a welder and a metal cutter in one, this would be perfect for your repair and general basic welding jobs.

Versatility is what makes this welding/cutting machine very popular. Ideal for hobbyists but also a capable machine for the professional handyman, this machine could offer a lot of advantages compared to only having a plasma cutting machine for a single purpose.

best plasma cutter under 500

Reviews say this machine is worth the price and built stronger. People who have this unit generally did not expect that this machine can be a workhorse and can be dependable since it is imported. But overall this machine obviously can be worth your buy.

Very versatile with its 3-in-1 features – TIG welder, Stick welder, and Plasma cutter

Pilot arc torch – can cut rusty, painted and rough surface of any metal
Dual voltage: 110/220V

Plasma cutter output current: 10-50A Duty cycle at 40 degrees C: 60% Duty cycle at 50A, and 100% duty cycle at 35A
DC TIG welding features: Output current: 10-200A at 220V and 10-150A at 110V

Requires an extension cord rated at 40 amps and for 230 – 250 V
Air regulator not of best quality

SUNCOO Plasma Cutter Cut50 Dual Voltage 110/220V

This 50 Amp unit can handle ½” cut easily because it is using an inverter-based technology. Inverter-based plasma cutters are much lighter and more compact than the traditional models but more efficient in using plasma cutter under 500

With this feature, they are also more precise in cutting metals aside from they are cheaper because of the less hardware they are built with.

Cheap Plasma Cutter
Inverter-based plasma cutters can create their operating frequency because they are equipped with power-switching semiconductors and are not affected by the fluctuation of power during use.

This portable budget plasma cutter can also cut almost all types of steel – stainless steel, copper, iron, carbon steel, aluminum metal and many more. Built with a heavy-duty iron body, its solid construction makes this unit a formidable cutter that you can use for any metal cutting plasma cutter under 500

Even professional welders would not see this as a cheap product when checking this plasma cutter under 500
It also has a DC output LCD to see amperage and adjustable cutting current for the cutting requirements based on the thickness of the metal you are cutting.

If you need a light but efficient metal cutter for your automotive, repair and maintenance or any metal fabrication jobs, better try this unit. But make sure you have your welding gloves ready and always wear your PPE.

best cheap plasma cutter
Do you want to know if you’ll be safe using this machine? Well, this is CE certified and built with an over-heat and over-voltage protection. It also has a heat dissipation system, properly insulated and its rated input capacity is 4.8 KVA.

welding earth clamp
And because it has an auto-volt system this lightweight model will stay safe even from hardware burning. These are the reasons why people recommend  this SUNCOO unit.

Auto-volt (110/220V)
Overheat and over-voltage protected
50 Amps that can easily cut ½” thick metal
CE certified
Option to choose 2.5 or 5 seconds for air blow after torch cutting
Comes with a ground set, clamps, fittings, and regulator mount
High-frequency start is excellent
Very affordable


Instructions on the manual are difficult to follow (Youtube can help)
No plug or small air hose for regulator connection
Wiring the plug can be difficult for newbies
Can be difficult to cut ½” thick metal on 110V

Lotos LT3500 35 Amp Air Plasma Cutter 110V/120V

If you are a beginner on welding and plasma cutting and want to own the best plasma cutter under 500, here is another unit we can advise you to cheap plasma cutter

The Lotos LT3500 Plasma Cutter is more intended for light plasma cutting tasks. Weighing only 8 kgs (18 pounds), it is capable to cut 10 mm (2/5-inch) metal plate with 15mm (3/5-inch) severance cut.

Its maximum amperage is only at 35 Amps and set for 110V only.    It comes with a standard NPT ¼ inch D coupler as its air  plug so you don’t need to buy a hookup plug when you want to plug it in an air compressor. Setting this is up should only take you less than 2 minutes.

In spite of the simplicity of this best value plasma cutter, people are still impressed by its capacity to cut many different types of metal like copper, aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, and carbon steel. And for its air need, all it requires is non-hazardous gas or simply compressed air for plasma and shielding.

best cheap plasma cutter
Lotos plasma cutters are designed in California and the company mainly manufactures these units for light cutting projects. But of all the LOTOS plasma cutters, this is said to be the most compact weighing 18 pounds only.

This is why if you are a DIY hobbyist and a homeowner who wants to assemble metal structures or do repairs in your home, then you will like this LOTOS LT3500. It’s a complete package in a small-size unit.

35 Amps with digital LCD
110V with automatic dual-frequency (50/69 Hz)
With NPT ¼” industry type D coupler for air compressor
Lightweight with a cooling fan system
Can cut alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, mild steel, and aluminum and more
Easy to set up
Best choice for light cutting jobs and for beginners
Very affordable
Compatible with LCON, LCON20, LCON40, LCON90 consumables


Not compatible with LCS22, LCS33, and LCS77 consumables
Not for professional welders and heavy-duty cutting

SUNGOLDPOWER 50A Air Plasma Cutter

This 50A Air Plasma Cutter Inverter is equipped with an Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) system that is capable to handle cutting jobs that are usually done in an industrial setting. Which means this machine is made for heavy-duty jobs but can be used for domestic use like cutting metal right in your garage.

So what makes this machine special with its IGBT features?
IGBT plasma cutters can exceed 60 amps with their power. They can deploy high frequency starting technology and high voltage circuitry and able to use the Pilot Arc starting technology.

Compared to plasma cutters that depend on MOSFET technology which most standard plasma cutters are equipped with but not capable to handle the high voltage pressure which can cause extreme heat, the IGBT units are more adaptable even with industrial setting and safe from overheating.

This good cheap plasma cutter has more stable performance, forward resistance, peak current capabilities and has a high response time and quick switching speed. And with its heat dissipation qualities, it becomes more powerful than units having the MOSFET system.

It can cut copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, and all other conductive metals but will keep you and your machine safe because it is equipped with over and under-voltage protection.

Its light indicators will also keep you informed about your operating conditions. It is also built with a waterproof shield to keep the user from getting an electric shock during operation.

Can save on energy even at high-speed cutting.
Protected from several possible problems such as overheating, under and over voltage issues
Automatically switches its voltage based on the thickness of the metal
Auto dual voltage (110/220V)
Dual-frequency (50/60Hz)
LCD on front panel
High cutting speed and noiseless
IGBT inverter soft switch
Front panel air-pressure gauge
Power supply capacity: 6.4 kVA
Weighing only 23.9 pounds


• Limited to cutting 15mm metal thickness


Most of us tend to believe that if a product is cheap, quality and durability could be at stake. But this is not true with the plasma cutters.

Plasma cutters today are more innovated and yet you can find now a budget plasma cutter that can meet all your metal cutting needs. Especially with the machines we’ve shown you here, we have reviewed them because we’ve seen a lot of excellent things about them. And with you in mind, we know you can never go wrong with these units.

plasma cutter with built in compressor

A budget plasma cutter should not only be affordable but it should have an extensive serviceable life. Even those that are limited only to 50Amps, these should not fail your cutting needs and must always be ready to do their thing once you are ready to go and wants to start to cut.

If you are working in an industrial or a commercial setting or just needed a reliable metal cutter at home, you should have the best plasma cutter under 500 like any of the ones we have shown you here.

Be reminded also that you must also use the right types of consumables for your unit including the plasma torch because these can also affect the quality of your cut. And lastly, stay safe and always wear your protective outfit before you do your cutting stuff.