Plasma Cutter Consumables

Click Below For Most Common Styles

plasma cutter consumables

Click below to find your plasma cutter consumables. We stock the most common style of plasma torch parts and consumables for most industrial and home handyman plasma cutters.

We stock plasma cutter consumables for torches such as the PT 31 , LG 40 , AG 60 ,SW 60 , P 80 , SG 51, SG 55 ,S 45 all are generic plasma torches  made in china that a lot of our workshops use as well as the guys doing a bit of DIY working in there sheds.

But trying to find plasma cutter consumables at a reasonable price can be quite challenging. So here at plasma cutter nz we have done our best to bring you good quality consumables at great prices and as we are an online shop  offer fast New Zealand wide shipping on all orders.


If you can’t find the plasma consumables you’re looking for just drop me a line and we can try and locate them for you with our Chinese’s contacts. We import twice a month so the wait wouldn’t be to long.

plasma torch tips
PT 31 / LG 40 4 piece set from $3.95
SG-55-AG-60-Tips From $ 5.95 Each
p 80 plasma torch consumables
P- 80 13 Piece Consumable Set $49.99

We stock plasma torch spares for most generic plasma cutters such as mitech cut 40 , plasma cut 40 , ​lgk 40 plasma cutter , cut 50 , These machines may all use different plasma torches. 

Depending of the style of  torch that the manufacturer matched with the machine. The 3 most common styles of plasma torch and consumables are the PT 31 & LG 40. And  the AG 60 torch that are all designed for under 50 amp machines with HF start.


AG 60-SG-55 WSD-60 Plasma Consumables
AG 60 Consumable Set $59.99
Trafimet Style Plasma Torch S45 Consumable set.
S 45 consumable set $99
Ceramics from 99 cents

AS with the consumables we stock replacement plasma torches and a full range of  plasma cutter torch parts if you need to rebuild your existing torch.

Maybe you need a torch with the complete lead and plugs we can help you out with that as well. Also check out our mig welding supplies we might just have what your looking for.

plasma cutter consumables
Consumables from 99 cents each
tig welder switch
Plasma torch spaces from $2.99
nickel plated plasma torch consumables
large kits from $29.99
pt 31 plasma torch
Pt 31 replacement torches from $29
SG-51 plasma torch
SG 51 torches from $33
pt-31 cnc plasma torch
Stright plasma torches from $28

 Here at plasma we are adding stock all the time so remember to check back for our latest products and weekly specials  that change every week .

We stock most of the common plasma cutter consumables and MiG- Tig welding consumables.

For the best plasma cutting and welding supplies in nz.