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Plasma Cutter Rental Can Save You Cash

Plasma Cutter Rental

How Plasma Cutter Rental Can Save You Cash

Why many people today rely on tool rental companies is because of necessity and practicality. If you want to finish a new project or start a home project right away but you don’t have enough budget to buy powerful tools, the best option is to rely on tool rentals. 

Renting a tool offers so many advantages but the primary reasons why people prefer to rent tools is because of the following: 

They only need to use the tools for a certain period;

They can choose the type of tools they need for their work and get it quickly; and

Renting is more practical than purchasing more powerful but expensive tools for short-term projects.  

If you are a welder or a DIYer and need to cut lots of metals of varying sizes and width but you only have a portable plasma cutter, then the best option is to go for the service of a plasma cutter rental

A plasma cutter hire will let you do work much faster and on-time without breaking your bank for a new purchase. You only have to check the websites of the nearest tool rentals in your area, browse their plasma cutters’ list and call them. In a few hours, you have the tools you need. No need to wait for days unlike when buying.   

Plasma Cutter Rental
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What You Need to Know Before Renting

Before deciding to sign up for a plasma cutter rental, you have to know what specific features you need from the tool.  The plasma cutter’s cutting capability depends on its output power. Let’s say a unit with a 12-amp output power commonly needs 120V and should be able to cut most 1/8-inch metals. On the other hand, a unit with 60-100 amp output power will need about 230V of power and is expected to cut 7/8-inch thick metal. 

You also have to know which type of plasma cutter torch you need and there are the drag tip and the pilot arc torches. The drag tip torch allows you to drag your torch’s tip on the surface of the metal and produce a straight cut which is good for the beginners. However, your work metal should be out of paint, rust or dirt or your torch won’t produce the cutting arc. 

The pilot arc torch is mostly preferred by experienced welders as there’s no need to clean up the metal surface and can do the quick cutting.  

In terms of preferring the more energy-saving plasma cutter hire, you can also request for units that are inverter-based. These plasma cutters can convert DC power into AC because they are designed with internal dual or even multi-voltage regulators so you save a lot of energy for these.  


Best Things About Plasma Cutter Rental

A significant advantage when opting to hire a plasma cutter is it gives you an option if you only need the tool for only a day, a few days or weeks or a month. Be it with the portable or the industrial types, you will be offered machines that will suit your cutting needs. 

Plasma cutters can have varying fittings, weight, length of the torch and other special features that your work will demand. They also have variable sizes and power.  If you need to cut metal sheets, metal rods and bars that are 1/2 to 3/4-inch in diameter, the 30 to 50 amps are usually preferred for such light cutting work. 

But if you need a unit that can cut up to 2-inch thick metal and requires up to 240/480V, you need to rent for a heavy-duty type that is designed for industrial work settings. However, be ready to pay more because the bigger and more powerful the plasma cutter is, the  costlier the rent as rental companies have also invested large sums of money to buy them.  

Plasma cutter hire save cash also by saving you unnecessary purchase of units that won’t meet your expectations. Assuming that the company will inform you of the type of plasma cutter you need, you don’t need to go around choosing and purchasing units that won’t match your welding method such as MIG, TIG or Stick welding. 

A branded, powerful and heavy-duty plasma cutter could cost you some money if you would rent it for, say, 5 days. But compared to buying a large popular brand with a $1000 price tag while you only need it for a few days, you will realize that rental is still the way to go.    


How to Choose the Right Plasma Cutter to Rent

Deciding to go for a plasma cutter hire, but wants to make sure you get what you pay for, here are some questions you can ask the rental staff before signing up –

What unit/s would you recommend for my metal cutting job? 

How thick these units  are able to cut?

Will I need the pilot arc or the non-pilot arc torch?

Are these units dual or multi-voltage and can it handle electrical fluctuations? 

Can I use these with an external power source like a generator? 

Can you give me a quote for all the types you have mentioned?

Will you deliver the tool or it’s for my pick up?

After getting the information and narrowing down your choice into 2 or 3 units, ask yourself also these questions: 

How long or how often you will need the unit? 

If you’ll use the tool for contract work, will the amount of plasma cutter rental eat into your profit?

From here, you will know if the rental price of the unit you want will be worth your money.

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Is Plasma Cutter Rental Always a Practical Approach?

Now, don’t get excited about getting a plasma cutter for hire because you still have to ponder if you need to rent a unit or better buy your own. 

For example, if you are considering to hire a 50-amp unit for five days and you are required to pay $500, while you can buy a quality unit for less than this amount, why not go for the purchase if you have the money for it. There are affordable plasma cutters out there that are imported and yet quality-made and very reliable and any of these could be a great investment. 

For the large, high-capacity units, yes, these are more practical to rent if you only need them for a short while. But with the domestic and personal type of plasma cutters, a lot of them can give you a good value for your money.


My suggestion is that before you go for the plasma cutter hire, always try to assess the cost of the rental first. If you can afford to have your own plasma cutters and assume you will need these more often, why not invest in it? This is especially true with the low-rated amp plasma cutters such as the 30 to 50-amps that are affordable and very useful to keep in home workshops. 

On the one hand, a plasma cutter rental would be ideal if you need a unit but cannot afford to buy it at the moment. Or even you have the money but you won’t need it more often, renting the tool is a good option.