Plasma Cutter Torches

Replacement Plasma Cutter Torch 

Are you looking for a good quality replacement for your old plasma cutter torch?

Well, you have come to the right place we stock most of the common plasma cutter torches that fit most small single phase HF plasma cutters like cut-40 cut-50 mitech . Right up to the large 100 amp machines that use pilot arc plasma torches. Have a look around for your desired replacement plasma cutting torch. Also, keep in mind the cost of plasma cutting consumables as different torches use many styles of consumables that can drastically affect the cost of running your plasma cutter. For the small single phase plasma cutting machines, I would recommend using the PT-31 LG-40 plasma torch tips and electrodes as they are considerably cheaper to purchase.  But as in all thing please make sure your plasma cutting machine is compatible before you change the torch.

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