AG 60- WSD-60 Cutting Tips


AG 60-SG-55 WSD-60 Plasma Plasma Cutting Tips

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ag-60 plasma Drag cutting tip great quality

AG -60  plasma drag  tip to fit ag-60, wsd 60 ,sg 55 , plasma torches.

Can be purchased single or in a consumable kit.

Buying in a consumable kits is much better value for money.

Rated up to 50 amp cutting depth up to 14 mm.

Good for general purpose cutting panel beating light engineering. This  style of plasma torch is compatible with most small single phase plasma cutting machines such as  CUT 50 ,CUT 40, SMOOTHCUT 40 , MITECH 40, most plasma cutting torches are interchangeable but please do your own research to be sure you can achieve a successful  replacement.

The AG- 60 plasma torch can be a direct replacement for The PT-31 & LG-40 plasma torches and vice versa .All 3 plasma torches have the same HF start but the PT-31 & LG-40 torches use the considerably cheaper plasma electrodes and cutting tips. Depending what your requirements are the AG-60 plasma drag tip style i find will give you a better cut .But the pt-31 lg-40 drag tips cut ok but they are about 1/3 of the price so you can use 3 x as many before your losing money. But like I say depends on your application needs. 

We stock torches plasma drag tip consumables, complete torch sets with all the fittings  plasma hose included. Or just a simple replacement plasma torch whatever your after we have it in stock or can locate it for you.

If you are looking for something particular don’t hesitate to contact me i would be glad to try and locate it for you . 

Why would you buy your plasma cutter drag tips and electrodes from overseas with all the drama that can be? When you can buy at great prices from a 100% kiwi based company with  fast new Zealand wide shipping.


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