AG-60 Plasma Torch Electrode


AG-60 plasma torch electrode

Buy your plasma torch electrodes as single item or in consumable kits

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Ag-60 Plasma Torch Electrode

ag-60 electrodes only $3.79 each

AG-60 plasma torch electrode suitable for most generic 30-50 amp plasma cutter machines .

Most of the small single phase plasma cutters imported from china  run much the same styles of consumables but depending on the manufacturer might use a different style of  plasma torch and you will need the right consumables to fit your particular torch.

We stock the most common generic torches and parts  so we should have the parts you’re looking for.

Please make sure you are replacing like for like when purchasing plasma cutter consumables as small variations can affect the efficiency of your cutters performance.

If you don’t see your style of plasma consumables on our site just contact me and i will do my best to try and locate them for you .

Buy as single item AG-60 plasma torch electrode or you can purchase in consumable sets just let me know what quantity you need and i will sort it out for you. 

We also stock new plasma cutting torches and cutting tips for ag-60 torches from as little as $ 29 and consumable kits from $29 are better value if you buy your consumables in kits rather than single items the bigger quantity we buy from our suppliers in china the bigger discount we can offer you.

We fly our consumables in twice a month and in contact with our suppliers in china daily so we can offer a pretty quick parts location services we have partnership with DHL so our customs entries are streamlined So if you need some particular plasma consumables or parts don’t hesitate to contact us.


Plasma cutter nz offers fast New Zealand wide delivery on all kiwi orders The price you see on our site is the total price you pay. No hassle with your order not showing up or problems with customs. 


Pt-31 Plasma Torch Consumables

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SG-60 Plasma Torch Electrodes, SG-60 Plasma Torch Cutting Tips, SG-60 Plasma Torch Ceramic Cups, SG-60 Plasma Torch Wire Spaces, SG-60 Replacement Plasma Torch

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