Binzel mb 15 200 Amp MiG Torch Body


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Why replace your complete binzel mb 15 style welding torch & lead when you can just replace the torch head body.

With this binzel mb 15 style welding torch you can save money if you only need to replace your MiG handpiece.

As long as your lead is not damaged then your good to go.

But make sure you check your old lead for damage before you just replace your welding MiG torch as sometimes you don’t notice the damage if you run your hand along the length of your old lead you should be able to feel any inconsistencies or broken wires.

If you’re anything like me and always busting your welding torch this is definitely a cheaper option. When you purchase your new binzel mb 15 style welding torch  or other styles of MiG torch please make sure you get the correct amperage for your mig welder as most MiG torches have different amperages and duty cycles.

We sell a comprehensive range MiG torch spares if your looking to fix up your old MiG gun check out our MiG torch spares we might just have the part you have been looking for. If you can’t find what you’re looking for contact me and i will do my best to locate it for you.

 If you have damaged your existing welding lead and need to purchase a complete lead and MiG torch we stock the binzel MB 15 style 200 amp torch, MB 25  250 amp torch, MB 36  350 amp . All come complete with 3 meter lead euro fittings and torch head.

Have a look at my video below to see how easy it is to replace your old MiG torch.

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