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 Binzel style MIG contact tips are parts of your MIG torch that need to be replaced often because they can easily be damaged.

Our Binzel contact tips are generally machined to make them tighter for better mechanical tolerances. They have better thermal and electrical connection and also have a smoother bore center which can result in less friction during wire feeding. This also means that during wire feeding there is almost no drag thus eliminating some common welding issues.


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The Binzel MIG tips we sell are copper thus they are generally used for semi-automatic MIG welders. We choose the copper type because it offers better thermal and electrical conductivity while allowing the stable transfer of current to the wire.

Our MIG welding contact tips also have better quality and designed to minimize burn backs and erratic arc which is often caused by unstable electrical conductivity and that’s why they can last longer.

What we have for you are three different types of MIG Binzel welding tips and their corresponding amp  capacities.
For Binzel AK15 or MB15  style torch we have the 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm, and 1.2 mm contact tips rated up to 200 amps.binzel welding tips

For Binzel 24KD style torch we have the 0.8mm, 1.0 mm, 1.2mm contact tips rated up to 250 amps.mig welding contact tips

For Binzel 36KD style torch we have the 1.0 mm, 1.2 mm, and 1.6 mm contact tips rated up to 320 amps.mig welding contact tips

However, we don’t want you to get confused because in the US, people recognize the size of contact tips in inches while in most parts of the world they use the metric particularly in millimeter (mm).

Also,  many people are asking about the appropriate voltage each contact tip requires so that the right amount of amps to be delivered into the electrode and produce excellent welding result.

So here is a rundown of our available contact tips in mm with their equivalent measurement in inches and also voltage requirements:
Contact Tips:
.8mm – (.030”) – 19 to 22V
1 mm – (.040”) – 23 to 26V
1.2 mm – (.045”) – 23 to 26V
1.6 mm – (.062” or 1/16”) – 23 to 26V

Note that voltage range can substantially go up or lessen depending if you’re going from short circuit welding to spray transfer.
If you want to know what’s the best size for contact tips for your wire size it’s better to prefer a bit larger contact tip as compared to your wire size. An exact bore or a smaller bore may lead to more pressure on the wire which can create greater electrical conductivity as there’s the tendency to increase friction which can result in erratic wire feeding.

However, using an oversized contact tip can also decrease the transfer of current while increasing tip temperatures that can also cause burn back. The good news is, our MIG welding tips have the smoothest bores in the market and they are proven to provide smoother wire feeding that prevents welding problems.


Our MIG welding spares are all imported but carefully selected to meet all your needs especially Binzel MIG torch style spares. To complete your needs we also have in stocks for Binzel style torches such as MB15, MB25, and MB36 and also all types of TIG consumables. 

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MB-15 0.8 MM, MB-15 0.9 MM, MB-15 1.0 MM, MB-25 0.8 MM, MB-25 0.9 MM, MB-25 1.0 MM, MB-36 1.0 MM, MB-36 1.2 MM, MB-36 1.6 MM