Cut 50 plasma cutter consumables


Cut 50 plasma cutter consumables

Will fit plasma torch model sg-51

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Cut 50 plasma cutter consumables

Fits sg-51 plasma torch

Cut 50 plasma cutter consumables sg-51 plasma torch cups .We stock plasma cutter ceramics for most popular plasma torch  models.

If you can’t find what your looking for on our site just contact us . 

We  have the same model cups in copper and plastic just depends on your preference. The pink ceramic cups tend to get a bit brittle once they get hot a few times and if you put them down a bit hard they will crack but this model is probably the cheapest option and best value for your money .

While the copper and plastic ones cost a bit more but will last a bit longer just depends on your own situation and needs.

We stock both plasma cutter tips and electrodes for this model SG-51 torch electrodes and cutting tips. FROM ONLY $3.95

We stock replacement  SG-51 plasma torches and all torch parts to repair your old torch.

But sometimes it’s just quicker and a lot cheaper to just replace your torch.

This is a generic plasma torch that can be replaced with any number of torches we have in stock if you need a plasma torch that uses cheaper consumables i would recommend changing it to a PT-31 plasma torch as their consumables are about only 1/3 of the price .

Buy local from kiwis with guarantee fast delivery .

Looking for parts for your plasma cutter drop me a note I can try and locate for you. 


Pt-31 Plasma Torch Consumables

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