LG 40 Plasma Torch Consumable Kit


LG 40 plasma torch consumable kit

Plasma cutter consumable kit to fit a 40-50 amp plasma cutter with a Pt-31 / LG 40 plasma torch.

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This LG 40 plasma torch consumable kit is great value it  consists of 10 x  nickel plated plasma cutting tips & 10 x nickel plated double ended electrodes you can just turn the plasma electrodes over and use the other side so you get twice the value out of them. This Style Of Plasma Cutting consumable is also suitable for the PT31 , LG 40 , and most small 40 amp plasma cutters. Consumables are available in both extended electrodes and also standard length both styles will fit the same torch. The shorter consumables are more suited to cutting flat steel plate and you don’t quite get the same reach as the extended type.

I find that nickel plating makes them a bit harder and seems to last a bit longer making this plasma torch consumable kit great value for money with Fast New Zealand wide shipping.

Pt-31 Plasma Torch Consumables

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