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Chrome MIG Nozzle Description and Specifications

This MIG nozzle is also called by many names such as

MIG shroud, MIG gas nozzle, MIG torch nozzle, nozzle shroud, MIG welding shroud, welding shroud or MIG welding nozzle.

It is part of the welding torch that is replaceable. All parts that are replaceable are what we call the MIG welding consumables.

Made of heat-resistant metal, our welding shroud products are ideal in protecting the MIG torch’ contact tip from getting clogged from the metal puddle while the arc is melting the electrode.

These also direct the gas towards the weld puddle so that heat from the arc becomes more precise while the gas is protecting the weld puddle from getting contaminated by the external environment.

Our chrome MIG nozzles have heavier construction than the copper and pure brass MIG nozzles thus they possess more heat resistance than any other MIG gas nozzle varieties.

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They are not prone to oxidation, corrosion and are less affected by friction compared to other MIG nozzles that are made of other metals. With these qualities, our products are also ensured to be highly resistant against abrasion and chemical assault.

The surface finishing of our nozzles is glossy and metallic in color and their sizes suit the 25 AK MIG welding torches. They are also available in 3 different nozzle sizes to suit your MIG welding application requirements.

Here is the list of our available MIG gas nozzles:

Nozzle MB 15:

Length – 53mm
Bore base – 16 mm diameter
Nozzle bore – 9.7 mm diameter

Nozzle MB 25:

Length – 64 mm
Bore base – 19 mm diameter
Nozzle bore –  15 mm diameter

Nozzle MB 36:

Length – 84 mm
Bore base – 22 mm diameter
Nozzle bore –  19 mm diameter

Our chrome MIG nozzles have thicker walls and also composed of internal thick insulators that dissipate internal heat and preventing the overall nozzle construction to break down. With all these features, these types of nozzles can be used from light to industrial applications that require various amperage  ranging from 100 to 350 amps. They are also adaptable to Euro-type Binzel welding torches.

For quicker use and replacement, our chrome-plated nozzle shroud products offer a slip-on features which mean you don’t need to thread it to attach it on the welding gun.

You only need to slip it on and it will latch itself right into its seat. This feature offers an advantage specifically if you are in an industrial setting and need to replace parts of your MIG gun more often.

However, make sure that when installing this slip-on MIG nozzle this will properly seat on its retaining head to avoid the shielding gas from leaking which may result in poor weld quality.

Our MIG nozzles weigh around 100-350 grams approximately depending on the thickness of the material and other metals that have been incorporated with our products to make them more resilient, heat resistant and durable. They are more affordable and you can order them in pairs.

We also make sure that before we send them to you these are in perfect shape and meet the highest quality standards.

If you need this type of heavy-duty chrome MIG nozzle for your Mb15 MIG torch, Mb25 MIG torch, and Mb36 MIG torch don’t hesitate to call us and we will send them to you quickly.

We can send our products all throughout New Zealand with FREE SHIPPING and we also sell other MIG welding consumables and you’ll see a lot of them by checking our website.


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