Plasma Cutter Roller Guide



Plasma Cutter Roller Guide

(PT 31/LG 40)

A standard plasma cutter that most
workshops have is the PT 31. In many parts of the word the PT 31 is sold as the
LG 40. These easy to use plasma cutters are a must have for most workshops.

The easy to handle torch head makes it
easy for the welder to cut out various shapes out of a metal sheet. However,
getting exact circles can be a difficult task to achieve a free hand. Even with
a circle drawn onto the metal, the force of the plasma torch can shake the
hands of the welder. To avoid the errors caused by cutting freehand circles
plasma cutter circle guide wheel is easily purchasable. The plasma wheel guide
acts as a compass that guides the torch on the correct circular path.

The PT 31/ LG 40 roller guide is made
using high-quality raw copper that makes the product highly durable. Gold and
silver are the combinations of colors that the PT 31 plasma torch guide comes
in. On ordering the plasma wheel guide, you will receive one plasma torch roller
guide wheel which is compatible with both the PT 31 and the LG 40.

On receiving the item, you can check for
the following parts to ensure that you have received a functioning product:

  • Rotating torch cap holder
    the cap holder is where the plasma head is to be affixed. The plasma electrode
    should stick out of the bottom of the torch cap holder for the metal to be cut.

  • Two wheels– the two metal
    wheels are to be attached to the top and bottom of the rotating torch cap
    holder. It is the wheels that move, allowing the torch cap head to move and cut
    the metal.

  • Magnetic base
    the rotating torch cap holder should have a magnetic base attached. The
    magnetic base ensures that the rotating torch cap holder remains on top of the
    metal instead of getting displaced during the process.

  • 11-inch rod– the rotating
    torch cap is attached to the arms by the base wheel. The rod acts as an arm
    that attaches the fulcrum to the cap holder. You can even buy a longer 15-inch
    arm if you need to make bigger circles.

  • Centre pin-
    the center pin is the adjustable part of the plasma wheel guide. Acting as the
    fulcrum, the center pin remains fixed at the center point of the circle. The
    rotating torch cap holder makes the plasma head move and cut the nearly perfect
    circle. A holder holds the center pin in place on the arm.

  • Allen key-
    the package should come with an Allen key that helps adjust different parts of
    the device.

All of the parts can be opened up and
put back together. The center pin can be moved up and down the arm to change
the diameter of the circle that is to be cut.

use the plasma wheel guide-

  1. Draw a circle using a compass and a marker onto the metal.

  1. Attach the plasma wheel guide to the plasma cutter head. Use a lengthen
    cutting nozzle electrode.

  1. Make a small hole through the center of the circle.

  1. Fix the center pin at the center of the circle.

  1. Adjust the guide to ensure that the plasma head is right over the circle

  1. Start cutting the metal.

Cutting out a perfect circle from a
metal sheet is as easy as attaching the guide to the plasma torch head. The PT
31/ LG 40 roller guide is only compatible with these specific plasma torch
heads. Check your torch head model before ordering the compatible plasma cutter
circle guide wheel.