Plasma Cutter Spare Parts

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plasma cutter clip-on switch

Plasma Cutter Spare Parts

2 pin plug & socket

Plasma Cutter Spare Parts Replacement low voltage 2 pin plug and socket .

Ideal replacement for your plasma cutter torch lead as most get broken sooner or later .

This is a common plug and socket found on most 40-50 amp air plasma cutting machines tig welders , mig welders.

Common usages is to control plasma torch  on / off other end connects  to your switch on torch handle.

We stock other plasma torch spare parts such as switches & earth leads.

 Replacement  plasma torch switches clip on & internal switches.

We sell a wide variety of plasma cutter spare parts , torches plasma cutting  cups ,plasma shields, esab pt-31 consumables , p-80 ,ag-60 .a-60, lg-40.

 Stock a good selection of plasma torches and leads at very competitive prices .

If you are looking for plasma cutter spare parts and having no luck finding them just drop me a line and i will do my best to locate them for you with our overseas contacts.

All our orders come with completely free shipping Nz wide  

Pt-31 Plasma Torch Consumables
Pt-31 Plasma Torch Consumables

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