Plasma Cutter Standoff Guide


Plasma Cutter Standoff Guide


Plasma Cutter Standoff Guide

Ag-60 plasma cutter standoff guide wire guide helps you control your cutting angle .

Simply  Fits in the grove of  your ceramic ag-60 cup and spaces your plasma torch from your work.

Gives you more control over your plasma torch while cutting.

When using plasma cutter standoff guide will give your plasma cutter tips longer life As it holds torch  at same distance from work and stops your plasma cutting tip from sticking to your work. Easy fitting to your ag-60 plasma torch.

Just slide wire guide into groves on plasma ceramic cup.

We stock plasma ceramic cups to fit this plasma cutter standoff guide and all other consumables needed for this style of torch.

I run the plasma guide along side a straightedge to make it much easier to cut straight lines.

We stock plasma cutter guides for a variety of  torches so have a look around to find what you need. 

Why buy from overseas with no guarantee of delivery when you can buy from a kiwi owned company with fast delivery.

Not looking for a plasma cutter standoff guide but need something else just get in contact with me and I will do my best to locate what you need.

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