Plasma Cutter Tip Guide

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Budget priced  plasma cutter tip guide

P- 80 plasma torch

Plasma Cutter Tip Guide

fit pt-80 plasma torch

Budget priced  plasma cutter tip guide to fit p-80 torch ideal for cutting straight lines when using a straight edge.

 Useable when cutting freehand make your plasma torch easier to control .

Adjustable height control to keep same distance from your steel.

Easy attachment just tighten up  bolts supplied with guide.  

Bargain priced so easily replaced without breaking the bank.

Quite easy to use you don’t have to drag the plasma cutter tip over your steel  gives you a nice even flow when cutting  stops the shaking when cutting .

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Pt-31 Plasma Torch Consumables
Pt-31 Plasma Torch Consumables

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