Plasma Cutter Tips And Electrodes



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Plasma Cutter Tips And Electrodes

SG-51 plasma torch consumables

Sg-51  plasma cutter tips and electrodes   great quality long life up to 50 amp current.

5 x sg-51 electrodes .

5 x sg-51 cutting tips             PLASMA  CONSUMABLES 

1 x sg-51 ceramic cup

1 x sg-51 swirl ring

Great consumable kit for your sg-51 plasma torch  all consumables come with free new zealand wide shipping.

We sell replacement  Sg-51 plasma cutting  torches for your plasma cutting  machines . This is a generac plasma torch rated  up to 50 amp service to be used in conjunction with single phase machines such as cut-40 ,cut-50.This is a common style plasma torch for light industrial uses but probably more suited to the home workshop environment.The plasma cutter tips and electrodes for this torch are a good quality but not the cheapest option if your on a tight budget.Check out our new sg 51 replacement plasma torches as well as a full range of plasma torch spare parts.



Plasma consumables for a Pt 31 plasma torch in my opinion are the best value for money plasma consumables on the market today.

First of all they have a double ended electrode so all you have to do is turn your plasma electrode over when it’s worn out so in effect you get double the life from them. PLASMA  CONSUMABLES The cutting tips also seem to have a good service life in comparison to the more expensive options.This style of plasma torch uses ceramic plasma consumables that are easily replaceable.If you buy them in consumable kits they are very affordable for everyday workshop applications.Also available  in nickel plated option for better cutting quality. We stock replacement torches and a large range of plasma torch spare parts for this model of torch.The pt31 torch would be the cheapest torch to run for the home handyman applications.


The lg 40 plasma torch is a generic plasma torch that uses the same plasma consumables as the pt 31 plasma torch they are essentially the same torch just called by a different name according to what country it is sold in.Once again the lg 40 plasma torch is very economical to run because of the cheap plasma cutter tips and electrodes available.LG 40 PLASMA TORCHSome of our customers even change to this style of torch to save money on there running costs. Consumables available in copper of nickel plated options. Also has an option of extended electrodes or standard length.Both styles will fit a standard lg 40 plasma torch.

Plasma Cutter Replacement Parts Ag 60 plasma Torch

Plasma cutter replacement parts for your ag 60 plasma cutter torch  40-50 amp consumables this style of plasma torch has a little better cutting capacity than the pt 31 or lg 40 plasma torches but once again the consumables for this model torch are a little more expensive than others. Plasma Cutter Replacement PartsThe plasma torch spare parts are readily available and is a good allround workshop torch.The electrodes for this torch are not reversible so only single use.This is a common torch for generic plasma cutter machines mostly under 50 amp & single phase.If your looking for Plasma cutter replacement parts for this model torch we stock a complete range.

p80 plasma cutting torch

P80 plasma cutting torch consumables this type of plasma torch is more suited to industrial applications with up to 100 amp cutting power can cut up to 50mm steel plate with ease. Also known as panasonic p80 plasma torch This style is an pilot arc torch that needs 3 phase power to run the machine.p80 plasma cutting torchIts has a large cutting capacity and requires good quality plasma cutting consumables hench they are not as cheaply priced as some others but you get far better cutting quality.We stock a full range of panasonic p80 plasma torch spares including replacement torches.

Why buy your consumables overseas with no guarantee of quality and delivery we are new zealand based and operate from christchurch.

If you are looking for something in particular just contact us and we will try and locate it for you from our supplier.

Plasma Cutter Tips And Electrodes
Plasma Cutter Tips And Electrodes

Common Plasma Torch Kits

SG 51 Torch Kit, PT 31 Torch Kit, LG 40 Torch Kit, AG 60 Torch Kit, P 80 Torch Kit