Plasma Cutter Torch Parts


 Plasma Cutter  /  Tig Torch Clip On Switch

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Plasma Cutter Torch Parts

Plasma cutter torch parts, use this clip on handle switch to replace that old broken switch.

 Great quality torch momentary switch.

This momentary switch simply clips on to your old plasma or tig torch with 2 zip ties .

Even if your old plasma torch as an internal switch you can still use this momentary style switch just disconnect your old switch and wire to this switch instead.

 Switch only has 2 wires to connect  great quality low voltage  momentary switch .

We also stock an internal plasma / tig on / off switches  but find it’s just easier to replace with a clip on switch. 

All orders include fast shipping. 

Maybe you are looking for Plasma Torch Head parts and can’t locate a particular  part just drop me a line and i will be clad to try and locate with our contacts overseas.

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