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 Straight Plasma Torch Head PT 31 / LG40


For professional and amateur welders, a
straight plasma torch head is a workshop must-have. The PT 31 is also sold as
the LG 40 in many countries. Both the products are the same plasma head that is
sold under different brand names. The PT 30/LG 40 torch heads come in a variety
of designs, but the straight torch head has made it easier for welders to use
freehand or with a CNC table. The flexibility of handling makes the torch head
a welcome addition to most workshops.

Straight Plasma Torch Head PT 31 / LG40


Purchasing a straight torch handle has
multiple advantages. You can firstly fit it onto a CNC machine, making the
entire process precise and mechanized. For delicate designs, the easily
manurable straight torch head allows better precision.

An enormous amount of heat is generated
when using plasma cutters to cut through steel. The consumables get extremely
heated and can cause unwanted pits if they are allowed to touch the metal.
To avoid these unwanted blemishes  on the material a CNC table can be used. The
CNC machine requires the welder to input the design on their computers. Using
the PT 31/LG 40 straight plasma torch head, the CNC machine can cut out the
instructed design.

Apart from being fitted on to the CNC
machine, the lightweight PT 31/ LG 40 straight plasma torch head can be used
free-hand. The torch handle has a textured surface that allows the welder to
get a good grip and avoid errors caused by the torch head slipping from the
hand. A contrasting white shield cup with the black torch handle gives the
torch head a classy look.

The plasma torch head comes with
multiple parts. The package will include:

  1. One double ended electrode.
  2. One swirl ring 
  3. One plasma cutter torch tip 
  4. One ceramic shield cup 
  5. One plasma cutting torch handle

Once you receive the torch head, you can
dismantle it with ease to ensure that all the parts are present. After
dismantling you can easily put the torch head back together to start using it.

The biggest advantage of purchasing the
straight plasma torch head is the affordable consumables that are available.
Some consumables are not compatible with certain plasma torch machines and
plasma torch heads, but you will not face such problems with PT 31/LG 40 consumables.
For this torch head the consumables needs are compatible with:

  • CUT 50
  • CT520
  • CT512P with PT-31 GUN
  • Antra Plasma Cutters

So, if need multiple plasma cutters and
plasma torch heads then you might want to buy devices that use the common

Most of the PT 31/LG 40 parts are made
using copper, yet the device is surprisingly lightweight. It requires 15-40 Amp plasma cutter machine
to function. 

 This product is
arguably the most affordable straight plasma torch head. Since the torch head
is lightweight, cheap, and easy to use, many first-time users prefer to
purchase this style torch head to start with. Not only is the torch head well priced,
but the consumables can also be bought in bulk at an extremely affordable rate.
The sturdy torch head is highly durable and can be easily repaired.

When looking to buy a straight plasma torch
head, the PT 31/LG 40 is a popular option. 


We also stock the standard pt-31 / lg-40 plasma cutting torch  to use for free hand cutting this style of plasma torch head is the most common torch on  smaller air plasma cutters such as cut-40  cut- 50 .

It is also a good replacement for older torches if you are upgrading  your machine.

If you have a generic plasma cutter and need to locate  torch parts or consumables just drop me a note and i will do my best to locate them for you from our supplier overseas. Also join our plasma cutter consumable club to get great discounts on your next consumable purchase.

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