PT 31 Plasma Torch Nickel Plated Cutting Tips


Pt 31 plasma torch nickel plated cutting tips kit


Pt 31-Lg-40 Nickel Plated Cutting Tips

Pt-31 - Lg -40 torch consumables

Pt 31-Lg-40 plasma torch nickel plated cutting tips good kit so you can try the nickel plated consumables.

Gives you a way to see if you like Pt 31-Lg-40 plasma torch nickel plated cutting tips without breaking the bank.

Used on most generic 40/50 amp plasma cutter that run a pt-31 /lg-40 plasma torch.

I find that the nickel plated consumable are a bit harder compared to copper but that’s just my opinion.

Kit includes  1 x double ended electrode 1 x plasma cutter tip 1 x swirl ring 1 x ceramic plasma torch cup.

Looking for something different just drop me a note I will try and locate it for you.

Why buy your consumable needs from overseas with no guarantee of delivery.

We are kiwi owned with fast New Zealand wide shipping.

Pt-31 Plasma Torch Consumables

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4 Piece Nickel Plated PT-31 Torch Consumable Set, 4 Piece Copper Plated PT-31 Torch Consumable Set

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