pt-31 plasma torch consumables

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Plasma cutter pt31 torch extended consumables will fit most 30,40, amp plasma cutters such as mitech, cut 40, etc theses are extended cutting tips that last a lot longer.

5 extended electrodes
5 extended tips
9 diffuser
1 cup

Pt-31 Plasma Torch Consumables

pt-31 plasma torch consumables theses will fit any pt-31 plasma torch or lg-40 plasma torch .Ideal for use in the home handyman situation or light engineering environment.

Theses consumables will fit any torch that uses the pt 31 /lg-40 style of electrodes and plasma tips. 

Upto 40 amp plasma cutter machines .

What’s included in your consumable kit

pt-31 plasma torch consumables are a good choice for any of you guys working in your workshops that just need a consumable that does what it is supposed to. Nothing flash here they just cut your steel. But at the same time they won’t break the bank.The pt-31 plasma cutter consumables are possibly the cheapest plasma consumable on the New Zealand market today.But  how you use them will dictate how much life you get from your consumables . To get the best life and value drill a hole in your steel before you start cutting . Otherwise if you blow a hole with your plasma torch it will start to burn out your plasma tip before you even start cutting because  it has nowhere to blow your plasma stream the only place it can go is back up into your plasma tip.But if you drill a hole first all your plasma stream can blow through your work hence stopping the blowback.This alone can extend  your plasma tip life by upto 50%.

Double Ended pt-31 plasma torch consumables

The Pt-31 Plasma Torch Consumables are the only plasma consumables  that is double ended .Which means to you that you get twice the life out of your electrodes. Simply once your electrode starts to burn out just take out of your plasma torch and turn it over effectively getting twice the value out of your consumables.Thats why i really love theses type of consumables VALUE FOR MONEY .Dont get me wrong theses have their limitations the same as anything. But if you just need to cut sheet steel at a very cost effective  price then i thoroughly recommend this type of consumable.


Replacement Plasma Cutter Torch

Can i replace my old plasma cutter torch with a torch that uses pt-31 consumables? Yes if you are using a generic 30/40 amp plasma cutter its possible to change your plasma torch to the cheaper style of consumable torch.I don’t recommend you use this style of consumable on a machine larger than 40 amp. This type of consumable is a non pilot arc style.Pilot arc uses a  wire  connected to the  cutting tip letting electricity  to flow from  plasma electrode to tip without any contact with the metal your cutting . Pilot arc has a circuitry that cuts out once the current begins flowing from electrode to the metal, this extends your consumable life.But the pt-31 style of plasma torch is HF START that means you drag the plasma cutting tip on the steel your cutting. If you need any advise just contact me i am happy to help you

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Pt-31 Plasma Torch Consumables
Pt-31 Plasma Torch Consumables