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PT-31 Plasma Torch With Huge 6Mt Lead

Awesome straight PT-31 plasma torch with all plugs just plug into your plasma cutter and start cutting now.

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PT-31 Plasma Torch With 6 Meter lead Great Quality

PT-31 / LG-40 plasma torch

PT-31 Plasma torch Great quality pt-31  / lg-40 straight plasma torch with extra long 3 meter lead. 

This is a straight Pt-31 plasma torch similar to cnc plasma torch with a clip on switch on the handle so it can be used a hand held torch or with your cnc cutter. The Pt-31 plasma torch is a non pilot arc torch What that means to you is the plasma torch must be in contact with your work unlike the pilot arc .

Some of our customers use this style plasma torch when making their own cnc plasma cutters you can find plans to make your own cnc machine on youtube i have viewed a few and they are quite fascinating check out below .

 This pt-31 plasma torch will fit most of the small chinese single phase plasma cutters that you have in your workshop .It comes with a 2 pin low voltage  plug and 16mm screw on airline all inclosed in a flameproof  skin  just plug into your 40/50 amp plasma cutter and your set.

When using  as a direct plasma torch replacement.

Please make sure your plasma cutting machine has same fittings.  Some plasma machines will use a different style of fittings. If your unsure just contact me and i will be glad to help you.

This style of Pt-31 / Lg-40  plasma torch uses the most cost effective plasma consumables on the market making this a very good buy.

Some other styles of plasma torches use quite expensive plasma cutter consumables that’s why i am a huge fan of this style of plasma torch.Why pay 3x the price for your consumables when you can use theses .But if you needs a different style we try and stock all of the most popular plasma cutter consumables if you can’t find what you need just contact me.

Why buy from overseas when you can buy locally with free same day shipping on all orders Just remember if you want to buy your plasma cutter consumables from overseas the New Zealand government has just introduced GST on all imports from china so not only do you have to put up with very long delivery times customs clearance delays  but now we have to pay GST on all items . When you purchase from us you only pay the advertised price and we ship no later than the following day.

 We have a great  consumable club to give you guys great deals direct to your inbox  and also great workshop ideas that you can make in your workshops .If you want great deals straight to your inbox just join our consumable club its free.

Are your searching for something special then drop me a line i can try and locate for you.

Pt-31 Plasma Torch Consumables
Pt-31 Plasma Torch Consumables

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